Killer Yogi

5 years, 10 months ago

It seems like an eternity ago now, but way back in 2010 I was in a band called Killer Yogi. One of my college projects was to put on a show, so I took it upon myself to record an entire EP’s worth of our tracks, then hold a launch party (I chose the Actress & Bishop as the venue). Whilst tracking didn’t take up too much time, mixing proved to be one of the harder tasks, since I couldn’t listen subjectively so I noticed every little thing that I wanted to change/apply automation to. I ended up having to just settle with it being a certain way, since deadlines meant we couldn’t take an eternity working on it (although it felt like it lasted an eternity), working through the night and finishing at around 6:00 am…my dad was just getting up to go to work as I was heading to bed. Something to take away from the whole experience was just this, things that you can hear most people probably wont, or will probably like it! All the mistakes I hear in it, the people I asked were surprised it WASN’T meant to be like that…so I take that experience to recording bands now. All be it most bands can’t remember how to play their own songs when you hit the record button!

The launch party was a success, we ended up being able to actually pay the bands that played and we also sold out of EP’s.

Hope you have fun listening to this.

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