Elst Pizarro

5 years, 10 months ago

A few years ago now, me, Matthew Townshend and Steven Blackmore (ex-Soniquella) decided we wanted to write big tracks with a catchy chorus. It was around the same time as a load of really good bands were around and just getting started like Circles, Periphery and Monuments. The thing with what was around at the time was a lack of choruses you could cling onto, a problem I find when I do sound engineering…I just don’t remember ANY of the songs people are playing…failing to get your track stuck in peoples heads is either good or bad. Good in the sense that people will buy your track so they can listen to it to relieve their brain from singing it. Bad in the sense that your music is so technical and for the ‘musicianship’ that the general public (and even sound engineers/fellow musicians) can’t latch onto any of your tracks and commit them to memory…what if I was a DJ at a big club? So that’s why we decided to make it, did we achieve it?

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