Advertisement Production

5 years, 10 months ago

During university I worked at an advert production house, here I learned a fair bit about the over use of compression in broadcast…seriously…I once got asked if I didn’t like compression and I thought I used a fair bit myself. This led to my music mixes sounding far more natural, using less compression and letting the instruments breath. Besides lessons in audio though, there were other soft skills that I took on board and still apply them to various situations, the main one was don’t make commitments you can’t keep. We would usually have “Urgent, needs to be a same day turn around” this was the norm! I get having a priority order, I even get having a rush through, but when you’re asking voice overs for “favours” when they don’t owe you anything, getting them to do a same day demo for a client over at radio whatever, for free, finishing it at 6:00 pm and sending it over to the sales rep and getting the auto reply “I’m out of the office on annual leave until this day”…It gets old fast. I’d be CC’d onto emails that were sent at 1:00 am, which I’d only read when I got in, that was already promising they’d get all these demo’s by the end of the day, now the sales reps at the stations would never think more of you for emailing late at night, since they’d be the same, the point I’m trying to make is work/life balance is VERY important. We shouldn’t be trying to satisfy x, y and z if we can’t actually cope with the workload.

Anyway, enough ramblings, enjoy the reel!

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