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5 years, 7 months ago

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This is my first solo creation. I wrote the basic bouncing logic in an evening and spent the rest of the time learning how to do pixel art and begging my friend Sean to do the background for it. Sadly, I didn’t get round to making SFX for this but I’m kinda glad to see the back end of it, it took around 3 months which wasn’t the plan at all but it highlighted important factors about development, the first one being PLANNING.

Without a clear goal of what you want to achieve with a project, it’s hard to stay on track with something when your plan was to make a simple 2d bouncing game, you need to know more than that to even get your minimum viable product (MVP) out of your idea. This leads me nicely to the next one which was WIREFRAME.

This helps you to imagine the overall feel of the game, something which as I was hacking away I forgot about really. There was a Trello board for this project, in which I started by writing down all the features I’d like, but I feel I missed a lot out and left important design out of it until I remembered as I was making it. The third and final one, SINGLE PIECE FLOW.

Now this isn’t as important when it’s just one person typing away, but I felt like I had too many cards in the doing column when technically I wasn’t actually doing more than one thing at a time. It’s important for mental stability to only have one card in the doing column so your mind doesn’t get distracted by trying to pretend that you can multitask…because in reality…we can’t.

Hope you enjoy playing the game.

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