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Fight hordes of marauding pensioners, in a battle to save your cheeks from certain kisses!

This is my first game using a new engine, Construct 2. I have swapped from Unity to Construct 2 for a few reasons…

  • HTML5 support.
    • I can create games with web in mind from the start.
    • It wasn’t an after thought, Construct 2 makes VERY efficient games for web.
  • Events/Behaviours.
    • Whilst coding is fun, I feel like the event system within construct is powerful enough to make the games I want to make right now (whilst I learn).
    • If there is no functionality for what you want to do, you can write it in JavaScript.
  • Rapid Prototyping.
    • Construct 2 allows me to create prototypes quickly, I don’t even need to draw anything, with it’s inbuilt painting tool (I can just use squares).
    • What took nearly a month in Unity took a mere 3 hours in Construct 2.

All in all I’m pleased with the outcome of this game, I feel like the art (even though it’s pretty bad) is becoming more stylized. Nothing looks too out of place (including the font), considering I’m not an artist. For future games I hope I can find an artist to work with or find the funds to pay one! Coming away from this game, I’ve learnt SO MUCH about Construct 2’s event sheets. For this game the event sheet looks very messy…

As you can see, it’s very hectic. The reason behind this was lack of knowledge! I now know I can have separate event sheets for different things, thinking of them like classes. You can have groups, to group certain behavior together also functions, which would D.R.Y up my event sheets ten fold. All in all, grannies was a good learning experience, and I hope to create more games in less time that provide more fun!

Thanks for reading!

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