Galaxy Leap

4 years, 5 months ago

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Make it into the wormholes to fly through the galaxy, try and get all the stars too!

This was the result of a game jam by me and my friend Sean, it took us a long time to come back to it so we could complete it(that old saying of 90% complete is REALLY 50%).

Completely created in Construct 2, it has been quite the learning experience. Some stand out moments were…

Local Storage

We obviously needed players progress through the levels saved in the devices cache, in Javascript this is REALLY easy but using Constructs 2 way proved to be a little fiddly. Sean spent a good week maybe, trying to understand how they had implemented it and how we would use it to store our progress.


Unique ID’s

These are used to single out specific instances of a game object, this proved again, to be quite tricky. Trying to implement the spike planets (spoiler alert?), having to specify each parameter as some random number, when further on we found having an instance variable to be much more robust. There are also some very tedious performance issues, we chalked it up to Constructs lack of a tear down event (available in Phaser) or something to do with the sheer amount of game objects in the layout. The problem with the performance issues is that it makes it near enough impossible to play as the game is all about timing and the games frame rate drops way below the expected frame rate!

The next project may well either be going back to Unity or in Javascript in Phaser.

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