New Year, 2 More exams!

4 years, 11 months ago

Saturday the 7th of January 2017 I took 2 more exams! They were the Meteorology (83% Pass) and Communications (100% Pass) exams. The 15th of January saw me pass my Principles of Flight exam (93% Pass) too, luckily I used 1 sitting of 10 days to sit the second lot of 3 exams.

I’ve noticed a worrying pattern in terms of pass rates, the exams that I don’t read the big book on (Communications and Human Performance) I seem to do much better on, whereas with the others I seem to get a couple wrong. I feel this just shows the issue with taking an exam on a subject, you don’t REALLY know the subject until you apply it to something practical…I know this is the point as they are “Theory” exams but I struggle to see the point of having a wealth of theoretical knowledge when most of it will only be forgotten if never used. I feel a balance of theory and practical is the best way to learn things, or at least seeing the points in the books in the real world as opposed to long explanations riddled with typos and spelling mistakes, because they are not the best explanations in terms of language and sometimes a lot of what they write doesn’t make grammatical sense.

I’ve started revising for my last lot of exams, Navigation being the hardest one, and hopefully a passed PPL by the end of February! I’ve been looking into potentially buying a share in a plane, this is for 2 reasons. The first being, you actually learn the correct way to do things once you’ve passed, looking back when I was learning how to drive, this was most certainly the case, plus who doesn’t want the opportunity to fly over the Lake District? The Peak District? Fly to and over parts of Scotland (weather depending). The second, I need 175 hours to even be considered for a Commercial Pilots License course. Now I was going to spend my savings on the ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot’s License) Theory exams at CATS Aviation, but I kind of feel that if I have the oppourtunity to fly whilst I save more money to pay for the exams, I’ll kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Hour building whilst saving. It does mean however, I have to stick with my current job in IT for a little while longer…such is life I suppose!

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  1. Rob

    Hey Tim, great work buddy!
    I’m about to do my solo too and have 3 exams under my belt so far. Nav and met are my next two. Do you have any valuable tips that helped you pass?
    Kindest regards

    • timdouglas90

      Hey Rob!

      Thanks man, with navigation and met I’d suggest not bothering with the big books (since they WAY over complicate things). Instead, get the EASA PPL Exam app (iOS, Android). I’ve found it really helpful for ALL the exams, also you should get the study guides (I used the AFE ones but my flight school had the Pooleys ones and they looked like they had better explanations of the things you need to pass the exams). If you need any more help feel free to drop me an email from my contact form and we’ll chat more. Sorry if it’s a bit of a delayed response! I’ve just done my QXC and am prepping for my Skills Test.