Fully Qualified PPL(A)

4 years, 8 months ago

Well here it is, my Private Pilots License for Aeroplanes. It’s been a fairly arduous journey getting it finished off, but here I am relatively unscathed. After starting my PPL training on 23/01/2016 post Manchester Airport jobs fair and finishing up on 08/04/2017. A grand total of 1 year and around 3 months of training, culminating in this small blue wallet containing some paper.

Since getting my license I’ve been getting ready to go on my first flight with Emily in the plane I own a share in.

Price Breakdown – Grand Total Cost £10,669*

  1. 17 Hours of lessons at Liverpool Flying School – £1800 (including landings @ £16 + touch and goes @ £15).
  2. 45 Hours of flight instruction with all 9 exam entrances at Flintshire Flying School – £8,229 (including landings @ £15 + touch and goes @ £4).
  3. Flight Radio Telephony Operator License examiner fee – £250.
  4. Skills Test examiner fee – £160.
  5. CAA license application fee – £200.
  6. License paper check – £30.

*Not including petrol to and from Hawarden Airport.

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