Changing Flying Schools

5 years, 4 months ago

Recently I changed flying school from Liverpool Flying School (Over at EGGP) to Flintshire Flying School (Which is EGNR). My reasons for this were the prices, the size of aircraft available to learn in and the air traffic at the aerodrome.

I found my lessons were rushed over at Liverpool and more often than not I wouldn’t get chance to go through the startup procedures which meant I was missing out on one of the most crucial parts of the checklist. Getting clearances and holding at holding points would often take around 15-20 minutes of my lesson time, due to it being a commercial airport, at Hawarden (EGNR) I’ve only been delayed for a single executive jet and the Red Arrows! I’m learning in a much more stable aircraft, the PA-28, which is the aircraft I want to fly when I hour build, mainly for comfort and endurance reasons plus I want to go here to hour build. The airport is mainly for the airbus factory, where you get to see the Baluga take-off and land, so far I’ve spotted 1, 3 and 5.


So far I have managed to recap and get into the circuit working up to my solo, which can’t come soon enough! I’ve been revising for the Air Law, Operational Procedures and Human Performance exams too and will be taking those exams as soon as I can (once I pass 100% consistently!). Things seem to be moving in the right direction at Flintshire Flying School and I like the relaxed approach. For example, I get to drag the aircraft over to the fuel pumps and fill it with fuel, if it needs it, instead of a dedicated fueler. I’m filling in technical logs for the aircraft too and booking out my flights regularly along with doing most if not all of the radio communications.

Onwards and upwards (pardon the pun)!

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