Video Games Live

5 years, 9 months ago

For Christmas, I got tickets for Video Games Live from my partner! Now for those people that know me, then they’ll know that I’m into music. Whether it’s a progressive metal gig or a gamelan concert, I’ll probably end up enjoying it. Growing up me and my brother were into games, not much has changed now, currently owning a Wii U, PS4 and a gaming PC (eventually an XBox One when there’s a reason to get one). Needless to say gaming has shaped who I am today, it’s such a huge part of my existence and makes me happy. So this was quite exciting for me.

Video Games Live is a concert featuring a sinfonietta, choir and conductor. They play game music to put it simply, quite popular well known pieces such as Metroid, Mario and Zelda to name a few. The show was at The Albert Hall in Manchester city centre, the seating arrangements in the venue were a little confusing, as the tier we were on had no seats…almost like bleachers from an American high school but without the back rests. Finally the show started with a cosplay costume contest that consisted of Earth Worm Jim, Some Raving Jedi Guy, Naked Snake, Tidus and Yuna, Voldo, Astaroth, Team Rocket and Manny Calavera. I feel the crowd wanted Manny but the presenter seemed to think Earth Worm Jim won. Then onto the main show, which kicked off onto a winner with a medley of Metroid.

I felt so much feels, nostalgia, sadness, tension, but the one feel that stayed throughout was happiness. Happiness that finally such magical scores were realised by an orchestra, people have a preconception that video game scores have no place in an orchestra, when in reality most modern scores include orchestras (Deus Ex: Human Revolution for a start) and even the older scores that were written with synthesizers/sound chips sound magical when played in an orchestra setting.

I stopped before it kicks in as it’s just a preview…a really low quality preview! You can go and checkout Video Games Live HERE.

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