Galaxy Leap 48 Hour Game Jam

1 year, 6 months ago

This past weekend me and Sean thought it’d be cool to try and make a game within 48 hours. Friday night we gathered Sean’s computer up and hauled it over to mine, setup and just started. After the first day (Saturday) we had our MVP (Minimal Viable Product) ready to rock.

The idea behind the game was an alien, jumping between planets to get to a worm hole…in space. The MVP was the alien jumping in a certain direction at the start of the level, and when the player collides with the planets/asteroids you stick to them and rotate with them, almost like an orbit. Then the player should be able to jump off in the direction they are standing on the planet, to another planet. Simple right? Thankfully Sean is a beast at programming and he knew what we wanted to do to achieve this.

After the mechanics were all pretty much there, with placeholders, Sean went off to create all the art assets. Whilst Sean was making art assets I was making this music track and a few more sounds. We wanted the music to be funky and something that you wouldn’t mind hearing on repeat. We settled on this because of the dirty groove, along with the catchy melody.

Expect more updates on Galaxy Leaper SOON!

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