Changing Flying Schools

Recently I changed flying school from Liverpool Flying School (Over at EGGP) to Flintshire Flying School (Which is EGNR). My reasons for this were the prices, the size of aircraft available to learn
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This week at Liverpool Flying School, I took out G-LFSH for my first go at circuits (at Liverpool John Lennon that is). My instructor had previously told me that we should do a
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Video Games Live

For Christmas, I got tickets for Video Games Live from my partner! Now for those people that know me, then they’ll know that I’m into music. Whether it’s a progressive metal gig or
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Learning to fly…

For as long as I can remember I’ve been obsessed with airports, from checking in and going through security, to sitting in the waiting lounge, waiting to be boarded. I love that feeling
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Elst Pizarro

A few years ago now, me, Matthew Townshend and Steven Blackmore (ex-Soniquella) decided we wanted to write big tracks with a catchy chorus. It was around the same time as a load of
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Arma II – Custom Map

In Arma II you could create custom maps (I think you can still do that in Arma III, I’ve just not played it), you can create your own scenarios, your own extraction points
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Killer Yogi

It seems like an eternity ago now, but way back in 2010 I was in a band called Killer Yogi. One of my college projects was to put on a show, so I
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Orchestral Compositions

Orchestras are amazing to hear live as well as on headphones, they can invoke so many feelings (Zanarkand Theme from Final Fantasy, or when you hear it as part of Distant Worlds, I challenge
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Advertisement Production

During university I worked at an advert production house, here I learned a fair bit about the over use of compression in broadcast…seriously…I once got asked if I didn’t like compression and I
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SpAce on Roids

Shoot the asteroids, each wave gets more intense, how many waves can you survive!? After deciding to take part in One Game A Month (#1GAM) this was spawned out of the fires of
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Mountain Goat

This is my first solo creation. I wrote the basic bouncing logic in an evening and spent the rest of the time learning how to do pixel art and begging my friend Sean
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